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The importance of regular check
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Why it’s important to get your AC serviced regularly Every homeowner wants or rather expects their Air conditioning system to operate consistently and efficiently 365 days a year! But let’s face it; your air conditioning system has quite the tough life. It lives in your garage, a closed area in … Read More

Media Release 181015
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        Media Release 181015: Bob Baldwin MP Chairs Ministerial Roundtable on the OPSGG Management Act Bob Baldwin (Federal MP for Paterson) chaired a Ministerial Roundtable for the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning industry on Friday, Oct 16 on behalf of Minister Hunt. The meeting was groundbreaking because he … Read More

Why you should use a professional
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Why it’s best to get your A/C serviced by a professional. AC systems have become an essential household appliance. The summer period comes with unpleasant scorching temperatures and uncomfortable humidity. Unfortunately, most people will allow their AC units to run unchecked through the colder months. This equipment is quite costly … Read More