Expressions Of Interest - NSW Tender

ARMA seek expressions of interest for subcontractors

Local installers installers in NSW for a Tender application we are in the process of submitting.

Current Financial members located in NSW will be emailed this form to complete.


ARMA are currently working on a NSW tender application, the program is being delivered by the Office Environment and Heritage. As you all know we support local RAC businesses so we are seeking expressions of interest from NSW RAC businesses who are appropriately licenced and if ARMA are successful willing to sign up as ARMA financial members which includes the ARMA SmartCard we intend to incorporate into the NSW program. If ARMA are successful the program is the delivery of approxiamately 7,500 air conditioning installations in selected metro and regional areas over an 18 month period. Criteria for successful consumers with the incentives program is not limited to domestic, include potential businesses.
Please complete the membership form below.
Submission is not an application for financial membership, it is an expression of interest ONLY, you will not be charged.

Australian Refrigeration Mechanics Association Expression of Interest Form NSW Tender
Expression of interest ONLY ARMA Incorporation Number IA55456
I, (signature of Applicant) Certify that the information given by me is correct and hereby make application for expression of interest in the event of (ARMA) Australian Refrigeration Mechanics Association successfully securing the NSW tender as described. I authorise ARMA to use my business name in their Tender application.