The Hidden Trade

We really care about customers, in fact we want you to know more about the industry and its specialized tradespeople.

  • Our industry is known as the Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, or Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Industry or you may hear the word “Fridgy” or frig mechanic.
  • Quality tradespeople and engineers who are highly valued for their specialist skills however, remain unrecognised by Australian governments.
  • Tradespeople who completed a 4 -year apprenticeship
  • 20,000 firms, 200,000 direct employees, 60,000 tradespeople
  • Work in domestic, commercial, and industrial refrigeration.

Undeniably, energy costs associated with refrigeration and air conditioning need to be considered when installing refrigerated systems.

Our website has come together for the benefit of the consumer, to make informed choices on installations, maintenance, repairs and all things refrigeration and air conditioning.

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning - Our Proud Australian History

James Harrison - The worlds first inventor of refrigeration.

"James Harrison was a man of huge energy. Born in Scotland in 1816, he arrived in Australia in 1837 and worked for the Sydney Morning Herald. He then moved south and in 1840 founded the Geelong Advertiser for John Pascoe Fawkner. Harrison was much more than a newspaper man. Whilst cleaning the print type with Sulfuric ether, he realised that the chemical could have other uses. In 1857 he created the world's first large-scale refrigeration machine and his evaporation technique is used as the basis for modern air conditioning." (Excerpt from Culture Victoria)

It is at Rocky Point, Geelong that "A plaque commemorates James Harrison, the inventor of the refrigeration process and founder of the Victorian Ice Works which was located on this site. The plaque was installed by the Victorian 150th Celebrations Committee." (Monument Australia Committee)

International Refrigeration day is celebrated every year on James' Harrison's birthday, April 17th and AIRAH (Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air conditioning & Heating) honour the Harrison tradition with their most "prestigious award presented by AIRAH, it is only awarded to recipients of the highest calibre. To date 25 individuals have earned the honour" AIRAH




 Consider a rewarding career in refrigeration & air conditioning.