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Don't Risk It! - Always Use A Trade Qualified Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Tradesperson!

We are client focused.

We believe all consumers have the right to knowledge.

Know why using only a trade qualified refrigeration & air conditioning specialist is so important.

ARMA estimate more than 75% of air conditioning systems installed within Australia are operating inefficiently, resulting in uneccessary high energy bills.

Trade Qualified v Certificate II Installers.

Trade qualified fridgys are technically skilled to deliver installations operating at their star rating of efficiency.

Certificate II installers are trained to handle refrigerant and are not trained in the equipment, including installing energy efficient systems.

ARMA continue to lobby Australian governments to introduce mandatory trade qualified licencing.

Licencing ensures strong consumer protection and the knowledge the person at your door is technically competent.

 Consider a rewarding career in refrigeration & air conditioning.

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