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Don't Risk It! - Always Use A Trade Qualified Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Tradesperson!

 Don't Risk It!

 Always use a Refrigeration & Air Conditioning tradesperson.

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning is our trade and our passion, including educating Australian consumers about trade qualified specialists.

Make sure to choose your local qualified refrigeration and air conditioning tradespersons (It's one trade) for your next job. 

Stay informed and know who to call when you need refrigeration and Air Conditioning work carried out.




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Don't Risk Your Investment & Keep Your Energy Costs Down!

Protect your investments and keep your energy costs down by making sure it's a  Trade Qualified Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Tradesperson at your door. 

Ask to see their licence, currently a full RAC ARCtick card. Non trade qualified will have a RED "Restricted" on their card.

Ask your local refrigeration & air conditioning specialist if they are an ARMA member and support our low cost energy efficient asessment scheme of your air conditioners and if they offer discounts on multiple assessments.



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 Consider a rewarding career in refrigeration & air conditioning.