Victoria complaint against a contractor or unlicenced person
In response to many of ARMA's members we are now providing an online complaints form which is submitted to ARMA for processing prior to sending to the compliance team in the Victorian VBA. Refrigerant loss record lodgement only, fill out the Notifcation of Refrigerant Loss Instead! Understanding the complaints process and what evidence is typically required. Seeing another person carrying out unlicenced work does not provide sufficient evidence should the department seek to escalate to court proceedings. Here are a few things to consider; Take a snapshot of any advertising of unlicenced work! Set your phone or camera to display time and date of pictures, it is not uncommon for unlicenced advertising to be removed before the department are able to follow up. Print advertising can also be used. There are typically 3 steps to consider: Step 1 advertising to do unlicenced work (Requires a snapshot of the individual advertising for evidence) letter of compliance will be issued. Step 2 contracting to do unlicenced work (Typically requires a statement from customer) complaint escalated. Step 3 carrying out unlicenced or unsafe work (hardest to prove that the individual did the work) repeated offences will be subject to further penalties (footnotes are documented referring to each previous offence) so if the person appears to have disregarded a letter to comply, lodge another complaint. Remember: The more evidence you can provide the greater the opportunity to stop unlicenced and/or unsafe works. Lodging a complaint today may save a life tomorrow - say no to unsafe work.