R22 leaking. Owner ...
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R22 leaking. Owner seeking affordable solution using leak seal injection.

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I’m after some advice regarding my parents 22 year old Actron Ducted Aircon, which has lost most of the R22 Gas. The unit works fine and has been a great aircon…but over the years has leaked 80% of the R22 gas.  The Technician came out and identified 3 leaks, which were in the: Accumulator, Reverse valve and a Brass Connection Point.


Quote to repair was in the thousands and my parents can not afford that. I would like to see how to get it working using a proprietary leak seal injection for refrigerant gas.


These products seem to (from my limited knowledge) work fine for copper pipes, but I’m not sure about using this product on the Accumulator, Reverse valve and Brass connection point.Therefore I would appreciate any advice before I buy a Leak seal product, so I can work out if its worth it.If we can get say another 3 to 5 years from the air con, that would be great.



INFO: 22Kw Ducted Actron. Currently uses R22gas, but seeking alternative substitute gas (perhaps R417A). Location is Brisbane Australia with January maximum being in Mid 30degrees celcius.


Appreciate the help