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Who is the tradesperson to install an air conditioner?

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All installations are not equal – be very careful on which contractor you use to install your air conditioner, ask about what materials they use and what advantages their chosen product have, if they don’t know or tell you they are all the same they are likely using inferior materials. Why spend thousands on your air conditioner and then save a few dollars having it poorly installed? Most refrigerated systems fail due to poor installation practice not defective units. A good way to protect yourself is to use a knowledgeable refrigeration mechanic, ask questions, you are making a big investment. Also make sure that your installer is actually a refrigeration mechanic, scan their ARMA smart card and check their qualifications, only refrigeration mechanics can repair your unit and properly commission it. There are many plumbers and electricians who install split systems as a side line that would have no idea how your units internals actually work let alone properly commission your unit for maximum performance and efficiency (there are a select few that do). Many cowboy installers and low quality installers do not spend the time planning, installing and commissioning units and it will cost you in the long run, not only in failures but in decreased efficiency.